Unlocking Parenthood: The Power of IVF

IVF or Test Tube Baby we heard is known as an artificial process to get pregnant. It is a medical procedure in which eggs are removed from a woman’s ovaries and fertilize with sperm in a laboratory dish. If a married couple living together for one or more than one year is having problem in conceiving baby naturally, they came to visit a doctor. At that time after taking all test of that couple if doctor find out there is blockage in fallopian tube of wife, her eggs or husband’s sperm then he suggests IVF process and tells them to have test tube baby.

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Nurturing Life: The Intricate Process of IVF and Test Tube Baby Formation

The process of having test tube baby starts during the second day of mensural period of women. At first,we give injection to a woman on daily basis which helpsthem increase in quantity of their eggs so that we can get healthy and lots of eggs for further process. As it is an artificial process if there are more no. of eggs then there is probability of getting more and healthy babies. They are given injection from second days of their period to tenth days. To know about the condition of eggs ultrasound is done from time to time so that the dose of injections can be balanced. When there are more than 3- 4 healthy n big eggs of 18mm then we give them one injection which helps in making those all-eggs big n healthy. Within 36 hours of giving injection, we called them in clinic to take out those eggs.The process of taking out those eggs is also simple. Firstly, wemade them unconscious and take out those fertile eggs through vagina with the help of video x-ray machine. There is no need of any kind of surgery or operation to take out fertile eggs.

Then after extraction of eggs from wife, husbands’ sample of sperm is also collected at separate room. Both the eggs and sperm are combined ina laboratory dish. The process of combining these collected eggs and sperm in a lab is simply known as the IVF. There are various methods of combining these eggs and sperm, in some case its simple and in some case it may be complicated. The sperm can be added directly to the eggs, or the eggs can be injected with a single sperm using a technique called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). After mixing them we put that egg and sperm in a machine called incubator. We check them from time to time in 24hrs, 48hrs and 72hrs and make sure that it combines successfully inside the machine, after the combination of egg and sperm it turns from two cell to four and four to six and turn into embryos. These embryos are examined and among these embryos best qualities embryos are transferred back into women’s uterus using a thin catheter.

Among these embryos three best quality embryos are transfer into women’s uterus at first try and other left embryos are collected by freezing so that if the first try doesn’t get success, then these left embryos can be used for further process. In context of foreign country there isone embryo transfer strategy in practice but there is no rule in Nepal.

IVF is complex and expensive procedure, and it is not always successful. The chance of success can vary depending on several factors, including the women’s age, the cause of the fertility problems and the quality of embryo. Most of the couple are ok about getting twins due to its expensiveness and can only afford for one tome only. In case of getting chance of three to four babies it can me reduce to one or two as well. The success rate of IVF depends on the age group and health condition of couple. If the couples are young and only their tubes are blocked, then there is 65% of chance on getting IVF success. They can get pregnant one first attempt too. But if the couples are old in age, then their quality of egg and sperm is poor then there in only 25% chance of getting success. According to worldwide take-home baby rate was only 25% but now it has increase to 40%. IVF is not only getting pregnant but to get babies home with success delivery without any obstacles.