Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that affects women of reproductive age. It is caused by the presence of multiple small eggs instead of normal eggs in ovaries. There are several symptoms seen in women body due to PCOS. One of the main symptoms irregular periods or no periods at all. Due to PCOS women’s get overweighted or difficulty in losing weight, difficulty in conceiving baby due to not releasing egg on time or having multiple small eggs, access hair grows in chin and stomach and other body parts due to high level presence of male hormones in the body. Women with PCOS gets more pimples than other women. It can be seen in different age group of women.In present time PCOS has been common problem in those women who are having problem of irregular mensuration ordifficulty inconceiving baby on time due to less release of eggs in ovary.

Most of the people says PCOS is genetic in nature. But we can say it is caused by insulin resistance as well. In some cases,insulin resistance can occur after having problem of PCOS. Other reasons of PCOS are ignoring proper healthy diet and eating lots of junk foods. The exact cause of PCOS is unknown but it is thought to be related to a combination of genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors.


Overcoming PCOS Challenges: Strategies for Diet, Exercise, and Hormonal Balance.

The first line treatment for PCOS we suggest to patients is exercise, proper diet, totally ignoring junk foods and having sugar less meals. If a woman with problem of period delay came to visit us, we suggest them to do ultrasound which also helps them to find out about PCOS problem. Some women find out about PCOS during their regular health checkup, or they do thyroid test because of their overweight. During their thyroid test doctor does ultrasound and knows about PCOS and ask them to consult to gynecology specialist. Like this we can know if we are having problem of PCOS. It typically diagnosed based on the presence of certain signs and symptoms, as well as blood tests to measure hormone levels.

In some cases, women should face problem of not having periods for three four months or over bleeding during periods which make them suffer from stomachache and make them uneasy to do any types of work. PCOS problem has been seen in different age group of women which is from 19 years old girls to 35 years women. School going girls whose mensuration period just started has also been facing this problem. PCOS itself is a disease which can be controlled but cannot get fully recovered. Mainly we should focus on our diet to control PCOS. Likewise in insulin resistance we have insulin in our body but it’s not working which is like diabetes so we can also take medicines of diabetes to treat PCOS. PCOS treatment varies from different age group. Different treatments are given for different age groups women. Some women should face problem of over bleeding during PCOS and must put on sanitary pads for long time of 16-17 days which gets them rashes and itching on their private parts.

PCOS Solutions at Hope IVF Fertilize and Diagnostic Center

The main affect caused by PCOS it not releasing healthy eggs in ovaries so to those women who wants to have baby on time should take proper care about their daily diet and normal exercises. To those women who visit us, we give them medication of diabetes and to regulate menstrual periods and ask them to do ultrasound in 10-12 days. We make sure about the condition of eggs release and suggest them to stay with their husband. PCOS cannot be cure fully. There are some women with PCOS problem who gets their period on time and can conceive baby as well. So, one should do regular checkup for hormones so that they can know about it on time. Those women with PCOS who gets period normally should not be panic but consult the specialist doctor. PCOS is not that disease which may lead to cancer if not care on time but due to presence of multiple small eggs in ovaries for long time it may lead to ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. So if your periods are not on time then you should visit Hope IVF Fertilize and Diagnostic Center.