Infertility Diagnosis


Infertility is an emotionally difficult journey that affects millions of couples around the world, including those in Nepal. Because of advanced modern technologies in medical science, it is possible for a couple to face fertility problems and fulfill their dream of starting a family. HopeIVF Nepal is a leading fertility clinic that measures a couple to get the complete test of hormone levels to know whether they are capable to conceive a baby or not. And also provide service for its treatment options. In this article, we will try to make you understand about the importance of infertility diagnosis and how HopeIVF Nepal help couples to start their family using modern techniques.

Significance of Infertility Diagnosis: Simply Infertility Diagnosis is the first step in understanding
about causes of a couple’s fertility problems. It includes various tests and evaluations done by a
fertility specialist doctor to find out the main reason of an individual not conceiving a baby. By
focusing on the main problem of not getting pregnant, a doctor can develop an effective
treatment plan as per the couple’s needs.
Diagnosis Procedure of HopeIVF Nepal: HopeIVF Nepal uses a multi-professional style for
infertility diagnosis, utilizing advanced technology and tools. Some of the diagnostic procedure

  •  Medical History Evaluation: At HopeIVF Nepal doctors take a full medical history of both partners to find out the capability of risk factors or basic medical conditions that may affect infertility.
  • Physical Examination: This is done to estimate reproductive organs and find out any abnormal things or signs of not conceiving a baby.
  • Hormone Testing: The major problem of infertility occurs due to hormonal imbalance. To know about the hormone levels and their importance in ovulation and sperm production, blood tests are performed.
  • Semen Analysis: Semen analysis is done to know about the problem of infertility in men and the quantity, quality, and motion of sperm they produce.
  •  Ovulation Tracking: Disturbance in the production of eggs can cause female fertility. HopeIVF Nepal uses various methods to track the mensural cycle and monitor ovulation, such as hormonal calculation and ultrasound examination.
  • Imaging Studies: Various advanced imaging techniques like a transvaginal ultrasound of the vagina, Hysterosalpingography(Xray used to view the inside of the uterus and fallopian tube), and sonohysterography(produce sound wave to create an image inside of the uterus).
  • Genetic Testing: To identify any hereditary conditions or abnormalities that result in infertility, genetic counseling is done.
  • Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy: In some cases, Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy are done to look through and diagnose structural defects in the reproductive system.

Benefits of HopeIVF Nepal’s Diagnostic 

HopeIVF Nepal is renowned for its patients focused way to infertility diagnosis. It provides following advantages by using advance technologies and experienced fertility doctors.

  • Accuracy: At HopeIVF Nepal fertility Diagnosis is most effective and skilled providing proper information about infertility. This permit doctors to make targeted treatment palns for each couple.
  •  Personalized treatment: In each couple the problem for infertility is different so with proper diagnostic evaluation doctors can identify most effective treatment options in any cases making sure to care personally as couple’s need.
  • Emotional Support: Infertility can be emotionally difficult for couples.HopeIVF Nepal provides emotional support during whole process of diagnosis by comforting them.
  •  Collaborative Apporach:HopeIVF Nepal promotes a collaborative approach, by involving couples and making them actively participate in decision making during whole process of infertility diagnosis.

Infertility Daignosis develops successful infertility treatment. HopeIVF Nepal’s dedication to use advanced diagnostic techniques, personal care for couples and understanding their problem by root make individual confidence during their infertility journey.